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Dress Code

Holy Family School Dress Code

(Revised 7/2017)


Holy Family School enforces a dress code for both the girls and the boys in order that all of our students come appropriately attired for school; students are expected to dress in a manner that indicates that they are engaged in a serious business - EDUCATION. It is our desire that the dress code be focused on uniformity and be cost effective for the parents. Uniforms may be purchased from designated suppliers or from those donated by families whose children have outgrown theirs. The dress code for Holy Family School students for the school year is as follows:




  1. Belts should be worn with pants (boys and girls).

  2. Good tennis shoes or sneakers may be worn as long as they are neat and clean. Shoelaces should be tied at all times. For safety reasons, no shoes with heels or soles over 1 inch may be worn. No shoes with open toes or heels may be worn. No Boots or flip-flops.

  3. Socks should be solid Navy blue, black, or white. No other colors may be worn (Boys and Girls).

  4. Polo shirts, with the exception of Holy Family, approved shirts, may not have a logo larger than the size of a quarter.  All shirts must be tucked in.

  5. A white or light blue turtleneck may be worn (boys and girls), especially in colder weather.

  6. In colder weather, white or navy blue sweaters (pullover or cardigan) or sweater vests, or the navy blue sweatshirt with the school logo on it may be worn. NO OTHER sweatshirts may be worn. Coats may not be worn in class unless specific permission is given by the teacher specifically for that class.

  7. Students may wear navy blue or khaki uniform shorts until November 1st and again after April 1st at the discretion of the parents. Shorts should be no more than 1 inch above the knee.

  8. Students will be asked to stay in their Mass uniforms for the entire day.



Students may wear non-uniform clothes on the last Friday of the month. Attire must be appropriate for school (ie: no t-shirts with inappropriate sayings, no spaghetti straps or tank tops, no clothes that are ripped, shorts and skirts must be no more than 1 inch above the knee).



Students, may not wear their hair in any extreme style that may distract from the learning climate. All students are expected to wear their hair in neat and clean styles, appropriate for school, Simple hair ribbons or barrettes only.. Definition of “extreme” will be defined by the teacher or principal. (Extreme includes mohawks or any emblems ‘carved’ into the hair. Children’s hair should be the NATURAL color, no “Shock” colors.)  




Plaid jumpers or navy and khaki skirts with white, navy or light blue blouse or polo shirt. Navy blue or white socks. Skirt length should be no shorter than one inch (1”) above the knees. During colder weather, girls may wear navy blue or white tights under their jumpers. Leggings are not allowed.  May wear navy blue or khaki slacks with exception of mass days. When wearing Shorts, Skirts, or Slacks, Shirts MUST be tucked in.*Added note: No make-up, including lip-gloss, mascara, and/or eyeliner. No Jewelry except a watch; post-type earrings only (earrings should not fall below the bottom of the ear lobe). Simple hair ribbons or barrettes are allowed.


Girls are required to wear jumpers or skirts with a button down blouse, (no shorts or pants) and shoes. Dress shoes are suggested.




Navy blue or khaki pants, a belt is recommended with white, navy, or light blue collared shirt and navy blue or white socks. NO T-SHIRTS. No Jewelry except a watch. Dress pants with no outside pockets. (i.e., no Cargo style pants allowed.) Shirts MUST be tucked in.

MASS DAY for Boys

Boys are required to wear navy blue or khaki pants with blue or white dress button down shirt and necktie.  Dress shoes are suggested.




Navy blue short-sleeved shirt with the school logo on it or navy blue sweatshirt with the school logo on it.  Students may also wear Holy Family shirts created for special occasions. Navy blue sweat pants with school logo. Navy blue shorts with the school logo may be worn before  November 1st and after April 1st. Good tennis shoes or sneakers are required.



All students are required to change for gym classes.

5-6  will change for Gym. Gym attire includes shorts, T-shirts and sneakers (no slip on sneakers, ex. vans). T-shirts may not have inappropriate slogans or sayings. The t-shirts or shorts DO NOT need to have the Holy Family Logo on them. All students must wear Sneakers.


Dress Uniforms can be ordered from Land's End, French toast, Flynn and O'Hara, JCPenney, and Old Navy.

Gym Uniforms can be ordered from Fine Line Graphics in Norwich, NY.


The school cannot be responsible for valuables that students bring to school. Students are not permitted to bring cell phones,  iPods, CD players, Game Boys, etc. for use during the school day.  They are only permitted in school after the regular school day ends. Digital cameras are permitted for school functions only. If students have these devices at school they must be left in their backpacks or lockers for the duration of the school day.



Due to the dangers that have been reported concerning  Fidget Spinners and other fidgets, students are not permitted to use or have fidget spinners in school.



If you have any questions concerning the dress code please contact the office at 337-2207. Dress Uniforms can be ordered from Land's End, (Preferred School Number - 900159443 - HFS receives 3% of all sales). Gym Uniforms can be ordered from Fine Line Graphics in Norwich, NY.